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Professional Summary

App growth marketer with 4.5+ years of experience in mobile app marketing. Recently completed a Master's in Marketing at the University of Edinburgh. 

Expertise in executing app store optimization, user acquisition campaigns, marketing analytics, funnel optimization, and retention strategies. Led 5X ROI growth in a portfolio of apps in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft App Store.​

2+ years of managerial work experience with the UK based multimillion-dollar venture, confident in taking ownership of work, leading people in a team, and collaborating in an agency set up with stakeholders to ensure the effective execution of work.


 App User Acquisition   ASO    Campaign Management    Social Media 
  Paid Advertisi
ng    User Retention    Marketing Analytics    Creative Thinking 

 Client Servicing    Critical Thinking    Teamwork    Communication 

Work Experience


Senior ASO Strategist, Phiture


  1. Strategic Consulting - Advised clients, including Fortune 500 companies, at Phiture on crucial matters such as market expansion, app category evaluation, countering downward traffic trends, increasing share of voice, optimizing creativity, and expanding to additional app stores.

  2. ASO Audit - Crafted detailed report, delved into an in-depth analysis of the client's App Store and Play Store presence, uncovering the most significant opportunities for growth. Furthermore, the report provided actionable, ready-to-implement keyword and conversion rate optimization strategies to maximize the app's visibility and performance.

  3. Co-author of ASO Monthly - Each edition of ASO Monthly featured in-depth insights on the latest developments and updates in the field of ASO, conversion rate optimization strategies, and other valuable information for ASO practitioners worldwide. The work on ASO Monthly was well-received and has been regularly featured by Business of Apps, a leading media and information brand for the app industry.

  4. Framework Development - Designed four new and improved frameworks to help Phiture expand its service offerings and increase ASO consultants’ quality of deliverables. These included devising a better ASO Audit framework, ratings and reviews management, expanding ASO efforts to Chromebooks, and pre-launch organic user acquisition strategy on the Play Store.

  5. App Store Research - Tested and researched new features launched in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to develop detailed techniques for the ASO department to utilize these new offerings optimally for client projects.

  6. Building Business Partnerships - Drove successful partnerships by engaging in discussions and business negotiations with market intelligence providers, campaign management platforms, and ASO tools to secure the most effective solutions for Phiture.



  1. Conducted and delivered a comprehensive 360° ASO Audit for one of the world's most popular web-host mobile apps, boasting over 1 million downloads.

  2. Negotiated and closed a third-party partnership deal worth over 50K USD for ASO and Business Development departments by successfully reducing original offers by 30%.

  3. Co-authored six issues of Phiture's ASO Monthly publication.

  4. Contributed to the revision of ASO Stack by Phiture, a widely-acclaimed strategic framework for maximizing app store optimization.


Senior Growth Manager, Studio Mosaic


  1. Online Advertising - Strategized & prepared briefs for online campaigns on ad platforms including Apple Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Advertising, & Quora Ads with over $100K monthly budget.

  2. Client Communication - Led report discussions, presentations, knowledge transfer, and day-to-day communication with the client.

  3. Business Strategy - Prepared monthly action plans and performance projections for apps and presented them to stakeholders.

  4. Team Management - Managed a team of 10 professionals including marketing executives, campaign managers, communication lead, social media lead, graphic designers, and web developers.

  5. External Collaboration - Interacted with dedicated ad-platform specialists to our project from Apple Ads, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads regularly to ensure optimized campaign performance across all paid marketing channels.

  6. Team Training -  Undertook sessions for new employees to help them understand how mobile app marketing functions.

  7. Growth Hacking - Implemented growth-accelerating plans such as funnel optimization, pricing experimentation, push notification strategy, market research, etc.



  1. The account I managed won the "Best Apple Search Ads Campaign" award at the App Growth Awards, Berlin.

  2. Increased the ROAS of a PDF editing app - from 34% to 127%.

  3. Marketed a newly launched app and grew its annual revenue from $0 to $150,000.

  4. Acquired 250K to 500K users for apps in the business & productivity category of the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.


Growth Manager, Studio Mosaic


  1. Google Ads - Managed PPC campaigns having a monthly budget of over $10k. Accomplished in developing campaign strategies, optimizing campaigns, and tapping new markets.

  2. Apple Search Ads - Executed campaigns with a monthly budget of $50k. Made data-driven changes using analytics dashboards to double campaign results at reduced costs.

  3. App Analytics - Used attribution tools and analytics platforms to assess marketing efforts and optimize KPIs of business.



  1. Grew an active user base of 35+ apps in the Play Store & App Store, ranging from categories - Productivity, Finance, Business, Sports, Fitness, Education, Music & Audio, Social, Trivia, and Utilities.

  2. Boosted category rank of a game in the ‘Trivia’ category from 62 to 1 in the Indian App Store in a single day.


App Marketing Associate


  1. Facebook Ads - Handled various ad accounts for clients. Undertook activities like U/A campaign, design-creation, strategizing audience targeting, and remarketing campaigns.

  2. App Store Optimization - Optimized the meta-data of apps using ASO tools to boost their keyword rankings & conversion rates in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

  3. Social Media - Managed social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Created social media strategies and posted content to drive engagement.

  4. App Promo Videos - Wrote scripts for the video storyboard & voiceovers, designed scenes, collaborated with animation-houses to create visually dynamic & high-quality app promotion videos.


  1. Ran Facebook Page Like campaigns for a finance app rose its number of page likes from 0 to 38,000+ in 5 weeks at a CPI as low as 0.01 USD.

  2. Successfully launched a finance app and increased its user base from 0 to 75K+ while reducing the cost of user acquisition by 73%.

  3. Started campaigns for a sports game and drove 67,500+ downloads.



Master's in Marketing

University of Edinburgh Business School

Achived a Merit

MSc in Marketing at the University of Edinburgh Business School provided an in-depth knowledge of marketing from both an academic and practitioner's perspective, enabling to address marketing challenges in critical and creative ways.

Key Highlights:

​- Learned courses tailored to cover major facets of marketing and its applications in the real world.

- Studied within an internationally diverse cohort of students and developing interpersonal skills.

- Delivered consultancy-based​ projects​ ​to learn​ the real-life application of marketing theory.
- Represented B School as a Student Ambassador to prospective students from 100+ countries in seminars, open days, and chat support. 
- Developed leadership, communication, and presentation skills as a part of the Edinburgh Award for professional development.
- Worked as an elected Programme Representative to improve learning experience & solve problems of the MSc Marketing cohort.


Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi

7.14/10 CGPA with First Division

Key Highlights:

- Built foundational understanding of core business disciplines
- Developed time management and teamwork skills by delivering group projects and presentations
- Performed as a marketing team member of the students union to raise funds for social events
- Performed in inter-university competitions as a choir member of the music society


I closely follow new and upcoming consumer technologies, and industry news to keep up with business trends & insights. Off work, I share my thoughts on digital marketing tools, industry shifts, marketing strategies, and professional development on LinkedIn and my website blog.

I also run a YouTube channel where I post educational and informative videos for study abroad aspirants. Click here to visit my channel.

Being born and raised in a family of musicians, I regularly practice Indian Classical music. Whenever I'm free, I like spending time producing music and learning musical instruments. 

I also volunteer for an NGO - Taan Tarang Sangeet Sabha, that organizes concerts & events to promote Indian Classical Music. As an Event Coordinator, I helped the NGO organize musical events across Delhi, India.

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