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AI-Powered Microsoft Edge & Bing Would Revolutionize Internet Search?

Have you ever thought of daily using Microsoft Edge & Bing on a Mac? Well, yesterday Microsoft most-likely revolutionised internet search, and you might want to reconsider your browser and search engine choice after reading this.

Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI, the developers of ChatGPT, to launch a new AI-powered Bing search engine & Edge browser. This new search engine offers a game-changing experience for users around the world. With the ability to put in search queries as long as 1000 characters and receive a tailored response, Bing now stands apart from traditional search engines like Google.

The new search engine features a familiar search UI on the left side and an all-new AI-powered informational box on the right, providing users with an AI-generated response along with relevant web references.

You can even chat with the AI system to dig deeper and get the information you're looking for. Whether you're searching for products, comparing options, or asking follow-up questions, Bing acts like your personal shopping assistant.

But the benefits of the AI-powered Edge don't stop there. You can use it to generate text for input fields on different platforms, such as LinkedIn posts.

One of the most useful features of AI-powered Edge is its ability to summarise documents, and input text prompts to ask specific questions based on the information open in a document. For instance, if you have a sales report, you can ask Edge what's the most-selling product or what's the sales trend.

I anticipate that in the future, informational websites may experience a decline in traffic as AI systems will fulfil the needs of users by providing them with relevant information without the need for them to visit a website.

In the near future, we might see a trend where digital marketers start talking about how websites and apps' content can be indexed into AI systems to become visible as references for the information provided. This would be a new way of generating traffic for apps and websites, and it will be interesting to see how this will impact the website and app space.

Don't miss out on the revolution in internet search! You can join the waiting list for Microsoft Bing and Edge by downloading the Microsoft Edge browser today (I have already done it!). Get ready to experience a smarter and more personalised way of searching the web.

Here is a quick demo of the potential of Microsoft's enhanced Bing. You can watch the full video here!

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