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Push Notification - Do It Right!

The mobile app ecosystem is so competitive that only injecting installs would not be enough to make your app business sustainable in the long run. App marketers use email marketing, work on in-app messaging, run remarketing campaigns and send push notifications to keep the existing users engaged and boost stickiness to the app.

Recent studies have found that push notifications help in increasing the retention rate of a mobile app. It is a powerful tool for marketers to grow their app by reaching out to the users through personalized communication that triggers the emotional values of users on the basis of their personal details, needs, interests, etc.

I have curated a list of push-notifications examples and categorized them under different headers. You can take inspiration from these examples to tweak/compose your own push notifications.

Build excitement

1. Want to earn every time you spend?

Rs 100 cashback, on a purchase of Rs 1000

2. Buy More to Earn More

1000 reward points on a purchase of Rs 5000

3. Here’s Something For You

Shop now to get a 10% OFF & a Surprise gift

4. Hey there! It has been a while since your last purchase. We’d like to offer a special 20% discount on your next order.

5. It's almost here!

Are you ready? Only a few hours left for the biggest sale of the season!

6. Look What Fell!

Book ride today and get 10% Off.

7. Today is Happy Hour 🙌 see you at 3 p.m.

Creating a sense of achievement

8. You’ve unlocked our Gold membership.

Use points to shop now!

9. Woohoo, You Did It!🤩

You have earned 1000 reward points

10. 5 days exercise goal reached – you crushed it!

You’ve reached your daily goals

Create urgency to action

11. 10% OFF - Just for you!

Make your first purchase before midnight

12. 60% Off On Adidas Backpacks

Valid only for the next 30 Minutes.

13. Reward points about to expire!😯

Redeem your points before it’s too late!

14. It’s now on SALE!

Buy the watch in your cart for 20% less!

Attract first-time purchasers

15. 15% OFF on Every Pizza

Special surprise for the first 10 orders.

16. Welcome Aboard <username>!

Get 20% OFF on your first purchase!

17. Welcome to Amazon

Get 20% OFF on your first purchase!

Amaze with special offers

18. It’s Absolutely FREE!

Earphones with every purchase of MI3

19. Buy Two, Get One FREE

Buy a t-shirt & get one t-shirt FREE!

20. Buy 3 For Half the Price!

Selected collection only!

Festive offers

21. This Christmas, Make it Large

Enjoy amazing offers across the site!

22. Get festive!

Our Christmas collection is stocked!

Reminders & Alerts

23. Hi <username>, Hotels are filling up fast! Don’t forget to book a reservation for your upcoming trip to <place>.

24. Last Day!

Just a couple of hours left to get 30% flat off!

25. Hey there! We’ve noticed you left a few items in your cart. Tap here to complete your purchase now.

26. Someone has sent you a message

27. Someone has liked your photo

28. Someone has commented on your post

Personalized and well-timed push notifications can improve brand loyalty and user engagement to the app. A small tip, be cautious that you don’t spam users with push notifications or send unnecessary ones, otherwise, the whole idea of sending push notifications would backfire and users will start uninstalling your app from their devices.

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